Teacher Training Testimonials

“I am a teacher in the Amityville Public School District and have taken advantage of every Professional Development opportunity offered by Carin and Mission Be. I can honestly say that as a result of my time spent with Carin I am a much more calm, grounded and positive person. I’ve improved my ability to mediate which has had a really profound impact on my outlook on life and my professional and personal life. I’m finding my productivity increased, my mood (so much) better and my ability to “handle” life’s hurdles with that much more ease. Cheesy? Possibly, but definitely true. It’s always been important for me to take care of my physical health and only after working with Carin did I become that much more aware of the importance of mental health as well. She has inspired me to take better care of myself, my brain and mental state so I can be a better mom and role model for my children and better educator in the classroom. I’ve learned how to take mental breaks and have brought this important concept into my classroom to help students stay calm and centered too. Thank you, Carin and Mission Be.”

Amityville Public School District Teacher

“As the mindfulness educator, I was impressed with how well the online platform landed for the students. The students were all ready to do some mindful movement and take time to go inward as they navigated new terrain with learning online and being home all day. I was in awe of a second-grade student who struggled immensely with anxiety. The student would come into the Zoom sessions very anxious, share how he did not like online learning, and be not fully engaged. However, throughout the course, I saw a shift in this student. He used meditation and the content from the program to support his anxiety. He left the sessions looking a little brighter, more relaxed, and connected to the students. These practices are essential during a pandemic and transitioning to new learning environments for the students because they need a space to come together to feel their emotions and learn how to work with their feelings with kindness and, most importantly, to see their inner-resilience.”

Madeleine Pizey, Bay Area Mission Be Mindful Educator

“Thank you so much for your sessions with the children. You were awesome as you spoke with the kids, received their ideas, and guided them through your meditation and mindfulness experiences. I know they benefitted and will employ these strategies on their own”.
Judi H.4th grade Teacher, Silicon Valley

What I enjoyed most about the Mission be training was how much consideration of the student experience was taken into account throughout the training. The facilitators were speaking just as much about how to infuse best practices with engaging different learning styles as they were talking about mindfulness practices and theories. There was authenticity and accessibility of the facilitators to collaborate and brainstorm. I also enjoyed the communication connections of mindfulness and common core standards to cultivate a common language around mindfulness to infuse in education. — April Frazier, Columbia Teachers College Student, Winter, 2015

Testimonials from March 18 Hour 2015 NYC Teacher Training

“What a beautiful week! Thank you! I obtained so much wisdom, perspective and love. I’m full to the brim!” – Omega Trainee, Summer 2016

“The Mission Be Educator Training is an opportunity to deepen your personal practice of mindfulness, As you endeavor to implement a mindfulness program within your classroom, school or community. If you are ready to take your commitment of mindfulness to the next level, and have fun in the process, then this training is for you!”  – Omega Trainee, Summer 2016

“This training left me feeling really very much whole and centered. I feel ready and prepared to bring the practices I’ve learned back into my community. The materials covered is relevant and necessary.” – Omega Trainee, Summer 2016

“My participation in this course has made me a better person. I now practice gratitude and empathy and I know I will make a better teacher. I feel inspired by Carin and her passion for making the world a better place. I feel empowered to go back to little place in the world and help the kids I teach to become grateful and compassionate. Truly, your message has entered my heart and left a permanent tattoo. I feel gratitude for this opportunity and for meeting you and for learning. “ – Omega Trainee, Summer 2016

“Excellent program – useful and practical for the classroom integration.”  – Omega Trainee, Summer 2016

“Mission Be taught me how to stay mindful. You can’t teach others how to be present, if you’ve never felt the light exist in you.” – Omega Trainee, Summer 2016

“Thank you so much for the invaluable teaching you shared. This workshop has been transformational on both the personal and professional level.” – Omega Trainee, Summer 2016

“It was perfect, you were great! So accessible. Thank you!” – Omega Trainee, Summer 2016

“I have truly learned to become more mindful and ready to share that with my students.”  – Omega Trainee, Summer 2016

“Being a participant of The Mindful Educator course given by Carin Winter, the founder of Mission Be, was a highly empowering experience.  As a parent or an educator, I feel our job is to teach our children all that we can so that they will be ready to face the world at their very best. We hope that they continue to grow in all ways possible, as they navigate their own way through life.  I am now convinced that teaching them Mindfulness techniques will be the solid foundation that our children need to make the kinds of decisions that will be constantly taking them to a higher level, in every aspect of life. I am inspired to share all the information that was so wonderfully presented and shared by Ms.Winter and her staff. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of something so truly uplifting and literally life altering.” – Omega, Trainee 2016

Omega Training Testimonials Summer 2016

“Carin is very genuine and down-to-earth. She’s also expert in her field and conveys a great amount of very important information in a very personal and professional way. This training is an opportunity for personal and professional transformation for educators, counselors, administrators, people and humans.”

Austin Mindful Educator, April, 2019 Weekend Intensive Graduate

“One of the best educational trainings I have ever completed it was an excellent experience and the resources were turn key.”

Austin Mindful Educator, April, 2019 Weekend Intensive Graduate

“I just finished teaching my Mindfulness High School elective for the first time ever and it was a huge success! I used Mission Be’s curriculum as my main framework after taking their course during the Spring of 2020.

I truly believe that a big part of the success was due to the curriculum format that was so specifically geared towards teenagers. There were so many topics and discussions that were relatable for the students. My students ranged from 9th-12th grade amongst two different class periods. I received such great feedback from both classes–they especially enjoyed the interactive activities or games that culminated most lessons.

The best part is that Carin and her team are constantly updating and editing the curriculum so it will always be timely and up to date! The Mission Be staff are truly dedicated to their goal of helping educators to bring out the best in each and every student.”

Jaclyn Stevens - Spring 2020 Online Course for Middle & High School Educators Attendee

“The program was successful! I really enjoyed it and I know that many of my students did, by raising their hands to participate. Some factors were: 1. physical engagement was used several times throughout the meets-breathing as well as yoga moves/stretching, presentation slides were appealing and appropriate and student discussion comments were a big part-good engagement. My students found it to be a calming change of pace stuck in their house all day. Two thumbs up.”
Denise Khalid, Principal at Springer Elementary School, Santa Clara County, CA

“It was super helpful for my students with anxiety. It gave them space to be calm, relax, self-regulate with the challenges that were coming from online learning and the uncertainty from the pandemic.”

Melanie, Silicon Valley Teacher

“One of the best seminars I have attended as a teacher for professional development.”

“I have high blood pressure and take medication. After the Saturday sessions, I measured my blood pressure and it was the lowest it’s been in months!”

“The training integrated heart and mind seamlessly. I’m walking away not just lighter, inspired, and grounded but also feeling more confident and equipped with immediately applicable tools, language, and content to deepen existing mindfulness practices in the classroom.” San Mateo, Feb 2015

“You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work.” “I feel transformed – I feel empowered and invigorated by undergoing the mindfulness practices. I feel a new sense of optimism and a refocusing of thinking on working with children.” San Mateo, 2015

“There are so many aspects that were beneficial, but to summarize… watching the lessons, learning about mindfulness and the way the brain works, listening to the beautiful peaceful voices of all three of the presenters and practicing mindfulness.”

“Keep up the beautiful work.” San Mateo, 2015

“Thank you for creating this beautiful curriculum. Its authentic, heartfelt and needed. (You have done an amazing job of taking social emotional skills that are common core aligned.) These skills can be challenging to teach and your curriculum teaches it in a very succinct, accessible way that is useful to me as a teacher and my students. I am excited to see what will happen in my class as I teach each lesson.”

“Setting was PERFECT!!! The areas to walk and be outside – tremendous. The depth of knowledge and ease with materials really was effective. Feeling very uplifted and looking forward to bringing this to the classroom.” San Mateo, Feb 2015

“This is the most amazing training, it’s meaningful and accessible to a variety of learning abilities.”

“Taking the time to come up and participate in this training has helped to change my mindset and ways of thinking.”

“I found the passion, enthusiasm, and experience of the Mission Be team to be inspiring, eye opening and refreshing. I have been a teacher for nine years but have learned much this weekend as a student with Mission Be. I feel ready to go back into the classroom excited again for another nine years helping students learn to be.”- Northern CA, Training 2015

“Wonderful training to create a generation of educators who will go to their schools and communities to spread peace and value of awareness of our actions and thoughts as individuals and humanity as a whole. I really enjoyed the training weekend: we learned to meditate, to listen mindfully , to walk and to even eat fully present. It was fulfilling and rejuvenating – we have to practice what we teach.” –Northern CA, Training 2015

“The Mission Be Mindful Educator Training is not only a gift to my students but a gift to myself. Alternating between curriculum instruction and mindful practice left me feeling refreshed, renewed and optimistic about better meeting the needs of my special education students. Thank you deeply!” – Northern CA, 2015

“I am thankful that this available to educators and those who are supporting school personnel in helping school children have additional life skills that they can draw upon.”

“Excellent training to provide tools for kids to help them grow to be caring, thoughtful humans.”

“The Mission Be Mindful Educator Training fostered more awareness within myself to ways in which I can be a more mindful person and presented a curriculum which I now feel confident presenting to public schools.”

“Mission Be is empowering students with self-awareness, understanding and community awareness. This allows children and students to better understand their instincts and empowers them to respond with the tools of mindfulness; breathe, make a choice and respond.”

Testimonials from Feb 2015 San Mateo Teacher Training

“Mission Be is an effective program that has truly open up my awareness as a mother, wife, and teacher. I’m confident it will truly benefit those who I work with, live with, and interact with on a daily basis. There’s an incredible tool to become more resilient and create more unconditional loving, kind communities. Thank you Carin and you have change my life and those around me.”

Austin Mindful Educator, April, 2019 Weekend Intensive Graduate

“I just wanted to say thank you for today one more time. I have honestly not been excited about coming back to work, and you made today so pleasant, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with my students!

I walked through the office after our training today and one of the VPs remarked that I looked super well rested, and it threw me completely! My baby has been teething for the last three nights and has not been sleeping well, so I am the OPPOSITE of well rested. But when he said that I realized that I did feel extremely centered, and I even wondered for a moment how I was pulling it off. And the next thought was, you spent six hours practicing mindfulness today!

I also have selfish motivations for wanting to teach your curriculum to my students as I’m sure that I will learn it really well myself as I teach it.

This was a valuable training not just for the benefit of my teaching practice, but the quality of my life overall, and maybe even my children’s life if I can model this and teach this to them as they grow up.”

Silicon Valley High School Science Teacher

School Testimonials

“As an employee at a school site that is not involved in the day-to-day classroom interactions with students, I found the Mindfulness Training to be a huge asset to my skills in assisting a student in crisis. There have been times when students have been sent to the office and I was not equipped with helping them relax. My office is the first level of intervention, I believe a skill like this is critical. Mindfulness Training has trained me how to lead an individual to become aware of their breathing, to slow down anxiety, etc. so the hand off to a professional would be with ease. Our office is an extension of the classroom, I look forward to assisting my colleagues, our Certificated Staff and Administration by using the breathing and relaxation techniques I was taught. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Mission Be!”

Griselda Horton, Administrative Vice Principal's Secretary, Sequoia High School

“Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful practice and experience with us. I really look forward to further exploring the world of mindfulness, as it has already been such a positive influence in my life.”-Megan, 2015 High School Student

“Dear Ms Winter, Thank you so much for coming to teach us about mindfulness. I find it to be a really helpful practice, and I really enjoyed all of your classes. I hope that mindfulness gets incorporated into the school curriculum and I hope you can continue to help others with mindfulness.” –Sophie,  2015 High School Student

“Ms. Winter, Thank you so much for coming to talk to us! I LOVED mindfulness and I am still practicing it!” – Marissa,  2015 High School Student

“Thank you for coming to teach our class about these skills! They will be very useful in life.” –Nirmala,  2015 High School Student

“Hey Ms Winter, Thank you so much for coming to our class and teaching us your wise knowledge. I learned so much and whenever you came and led us through mindfulness, I felt peace all day long. Thank you for being so sweet and kind, I really looked forward to your visits. I will continue to practice mindfulness!”-  Abbi,  2015 High School Student

“Thank you so much for the mindfulness training! It was super helpful and minimized my stress!” – Ellie,  2015 High School Student

“Thank you for teaching us how to be mindful! It was a great experience and I hope to do the training myself.”- James,  2015 High School Student

“Thank you so much for coming! I absolutely loved the training and now my friend and I do yoga everyday!” – Abby,  2015 High School Student

“Ms Winter, Thank you so much for spending time with us to teach us mindfulness. I am most definitely more calm and de-stressed after doing mindfulness.” – Claire,  2015 High School Student

“Thank you for coming and showing us the practice of Mindfulness. It was honestly very helpful and I will actually continue this in my own life/ I feel that our school should have a mindfulness class, because it is so rejuvenating”. – Daniel,  2015 High School Student
Thanks so much for everything. Mindfulness was so relaxing and I’ve been trying to continue a mindful thinking. You’re the best!” – Carmen,  2015 High School Student

Student Testimonials from Redwood City, Sequoia High School

“Earlier today I had the opportunity to observe Carin Winter facilitate a class at Sequoia High School. The experience was uplifting and beautiful. I wanted to give kudos to Carin for the high school program she is developing and to express my sincere appreciation for allowing me to be an observer today. The program is amazing and I hope to bring it to my middle school in Daly City. Thank you so very much! — Daina Lujan, Principal San Mateo, Fall 2014

2014-2015 Mission Be Testimonials

“P.S. 51 has had a wonderful experience with Mission Be bringing mindfulness training to our 1st and 2nd graders this past fall. We are so happy with the program, that we plan to continue training for 3rd and 4th graders beginning in February. Mindfulness teaches students and teachers strategies to deal with stress, and coping with transitions that children have to deal with during the course of a school day; switching to reading, math, writing, lunch, recess and other content areas. Mindfulness helps students concentrate better and re-focus on learning. The breathing exercises and positive affirmations help students to be more successful in learning and provides powerful tools that they can use throughout their lives.” – Nancy Sing-Bock, Principal

NYC School Principal, Spring 2016

“Thanks for doing mindfulness with our class. It really help getting calm thoughout the day and realize there could be peace.”

Silicon Valley Public, 11th Grade High School Student

“Thank you for teaching us to deal with anger and stress. It was nice to have a day a week to just relax and be with ourselves.”

Silicon Valley Public, 11th Grade High School Student

“Dear Ms Winter, Thank you for teaching us how to be calm in certain situations. It will help me because I usually overreact to some situations.”

Silicon Valley Public, 11th Grade High School Student

“I learned so much from your visits. I learned how to control my panic attacks. I learned how to be nicer with myself and be patience with others.”

Silicon Valley Public, 11th Grade High School Student

“Thank you for being our mindfulness teacher! You’ve taught me a lot about mindfulness. When I get really nervous (that happens a lot!), I remember to take deep breaths like when the Warriors had a really tight game that i watched, so I took big, deep breaths even if the Warriors ended up losing.”

3rd grade student, Stevenson Elementary School

“Thank you for teaching us. You are a nice, kind, caring, helpful teacher! I am glad you were my teacher. But, when you left I tried to remember mindfulness but it’s hard without you. 🙁 🙁 I just wanted to let you know that I miss you. I hope you I will see you soon again sometime. Love, hugs.”

3rd grade student, Stevenson Elementary School

“Thank you for teaching us mindfulness. I loved having you in the classroom with us and I will keep practicing calming myself down by taking deep breaths. I am very sad that we don’t have any more mindfulness classes.”

3rd grade student, Stevenson Elementary School

“The mindfulness training that I received from Missionbe (for Carin Winter) helped me to remember that teachers and students are human beings more than just teachers and students. As educators, we need to empower the essential well-being and the happiness of being oneself.“

Juana Marchal, Spanish Teacher, Sequoia High School

“Today after school, my friend and I were reflecting on today’s mindfulness class and we were thinking of how nice it was to have such informative classes that can truly help us live better and happier lives. We also think that the class activities are really fun and a great way to know that the people that are around us can struggle with the same insecurities, and we also like the partner discussions. The reason for this email is that we just wanted to let you know that these classes really do help and we personally do appreciate the time and effort that you put into the classes. So please do not think that just because people are not asking questions it is only because you are so thorough. Again thank you very much” – High School Student  

Winter Session in Schools 2016

“I felt this class was very helpful to relax and think mindfully throughout my day, and I have learned a lot about how to live in the moment and reflect. Thanks for teaching it. I will practice my mindfulness.” 2015, Middle School Student

“Every time I made a mistake or messed up, for some reason, I always thought to myself to be more mindful and aware. It helped me. Thank you. <3” 2015, Middle School Student

“I thought about what I do and I am more aware or my reactions. I really liked meditation.” – 2015, Middle School Student

“I think I learned how to slow down and look at life from all angles.” 2015, Middle School Student

“I feel not so nervous for the future.” 2015, Middle School Student

“Thank you. This class helped me tremendously. It showed me how to relax in a stressful situation.” 2015, Middle School Student

“After every class I took with me a calming feeling.” 2015, Middle School Student

“I learned acceptance of fears and how many people are similar to me.” 2015, Middle School Student

“I felt like I could take a break in my day and relax.”

“I learned how important it is to be patient with others and put yourself in their shoes.” 2015, Middle School Student

“I learned that having empathy can make a difference to everyone around you.” 2015, Middle School Student

“Felt closer to my classmates. It felt good to meditate with friends at school.” 2015, Middle School Student

“I feel that I’ll be able to slow down and be present.” 2015, Middle School Student

“Enjoyed the sharing exercise. Learned a lot about people I am not too close with. Liked like meditation.”  2015, Middle School Student

“I learned to be more at peace with the world. Thank you.” 2015, Middle School Student

“I learned that I should take things slower. It allows you to become more aware and more present.” – 2015, Middle School Student

“I learned to feel for others and acting kind. Thank you!” –2015, Middle School Student

“Better understanding of the human brain- I’ve always wanted to study it and how our brains/minds dictate our lives/happiness!” – 2015, Middle School Student

“A reminder of the importance of slowing down, self-care and deep breaths.” – 2015, Middle School Student
“I learned that empathy and other such feelings have real effects on ourselves as a person.” –2015, Middle School Student

Middle School Students from Hoboken Reviews May 2015- Grade 9

“Thank you Ms. Winter there we was some day where I was really stressed & thought my world was ending , but you showed me that sometimes you just need to disconnect from the world and breat h. I thank you for that , because I will now live with a different more positive mindset , which means I will live a more happy life.”

Silicon Valley Public, 11th Grade High School Student

“Thank you for teaching me to always take a moment to be patient and the FEAR is not alway real.”

Silicon Valley Public, 11th Grade High School Student

“Dear Ms. Carin, Thank you so much for teaching me to think of fear differently. I an now overcome fear easier or just make it something of my own. I also thank you for teaching me how to clear my mind and relax, I am sure to use your teaching for the rest of high school. Thanks again for coming.”

Silicon Valley Public, 11th Grade High School Student

“Thank you for coming, it was great having you with us . Thanks to mindfulness I felt less stress and started passing almost all of my quizzes.”

Silicon Valley Public, 11th Grade High School Student

“Thank you for teaching us mindfulness, It was very helpful. I am pretty sure everybody misses you. I do good bye, have a very mindful time teaching other students.”

3rd grade student, Stevenson Elementary School

“Thank you for teaching us how to be mindful and teaching us about our brains. I wish it was all year. I miss having mindfulness I thought I could do it all year but, I guess not. F.Y.I It was my favorite subject.”

3rd grade student, Stevenson Elementary School

“Thank you for teaching us mindfulness. I will keep practicing deep breaths. You made me happy.”

3rd grade student, Stevenson Elementary School

“Although I wasn’t able to be present on Tuesday nights for the course, I want to tell you that each Wednesday/ Thursday, I would watch your videos and practice the breathing exercises and listen to your lessons and I truly feel that it was very beneficial for myself and I definitely want to incorporate these activities with the students. I intend to use them for myself everyday. I feel it’s critical for children to learn to self-regulate their emotions and to learn how to reduce their stress and anxiety. So thank you for these lessons and all the materials and resources.”

3rd grade teacher, Stevenson Elementary School