Our main focus is US Schools. Mission Be delivered our online programs to programs in 28 states and 11 countries.

In 2022-23 alone we impacted 40 Long Island and 12 Silicon Valley Schools in person!

Since 2013, Mission Be has impacted a total of 168 schools in-person in New York, California, New Jersey, Texas, Wyoming and Connecticut! We welcome schools from all over the US and the world to join us!

Below is a list of other types of organizations outside of schools that we have served including Stanford University, The White House, Facebook and the Mountain View Police Department.

  • White House presentation to Valerie B. Jarrett is a Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama and Cecilia Muñoz Former Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Mission Be and JLCL Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Task Force Presentation, Washington D.C., Feb 17th, 2015
  • Hosted “The Heart of Forgiveness Reception”, Honoring Nelson Mandela and Ndaba Mandela, Battery Park, NY, Oct. 2017
  • Fox 5 News, 2014
  • The Voice of Leadership Blog Talk Radio, 2014
  • St. Joseph’s College, 2014
  • DLA Piper, December 2014
  • Long Island Advocacy Center, Trauma Task Force, 2015
  • Jesse Lewis Choose Love SEL Task Force 2014-2015
  • St. Joseph’s College 2015
  • The NY Open Center 2015
  • The New York City Elementary School Principals Association, 2015
  • Dolphin Tank Winner, Silicon Valley, August 2015
  • California Institute of Integral Studies 2015
  • In My Mind Community Event: There’s Nothing Wrong with You: Shattering the Shame, Sharing the Stories & Shifting the
  • Discourse on Mental Health, 2016
  • The Rotary Club NYC, 2016
  • Rudramandir, Berkeley 2016
  • Tiger 21 and Virgin Unite Retreat 2016
  • EQ School Conference, Emcee, Spring and Fall 2016
  • Facebook, Jan 2017 and March 2017
  • The Rotary  Club, West and East Islip, Long Island, 2017
  • Palo Alto Veteran’s Hospital, Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, Jan 2017
  • Wisdom 2.0 2017
  • AmeriCorp 2017
  • The Omega Institute 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Menlo Park Theater, Keynote for “Walk with Me” Film, 2017Runway.is, 2017-2018
  • Menlo College, March 2018
  • Santa Clara University, Feb 2018
  • Singularity University, March 2018
  • East West Bookshop, April, 2018
  • Health IQ, March 2018
  • Mountain View Police Department
  • Mountain View, YMCA, March, April 2018
  • Palo Alto PACCC, March 2018
  • Mountain View Teen Rec, April 2018
  • Stanford University, 2017 – 2019

Students LOVE us…

“When you come to my class, I get so excited. I love mindfulness because I am always stressed. I’m always in a rush. I like the mountain breath because it calms me down the most. I like doing mindfulness everyday because every day I’m stressed. Every time I do mindfulness I feel calm.” – 2nd grader


“Mindful time helps me because when I get mad at my brother, I just take a mindful breath.” – 2nd grader
“Mindfulness has changed my life.” – 4th grader
“I’ve been doing mindful time at home and school when I am mad and it really helps me…I love it I love it, I love it!….I do it 2 times a day in class and at home.” – 2nd grader
“Thank you for teaching me mindfulness. It really helps me when I am upset…my favorite visualizations are the sunset and butterfly. Some of my favorite affirmations are, “I am perfect just the way I am. I am smart. I am confident, I love myself and one more, I am nice.” – 2nd grader
“I want to practice mindfulness, everyday, in the morning and at lunch.” – 11th grader
“We do mindful time in our class when we have stress, in our heads. We also do mindful time, if someone is feeling lonely or if they feel bad about themselves. We also do mindful time to make us feel happy and calm, to start the day. If we get really excited we do mindful time to not move all around and just stay in one place. Mindful time has helped us all.”- 2nd grader
“Mindfulness is like taking a life shower.”  – 9th grader
Mindful time has helped me when I am mad, sad or when I am excited. I have so many mindful visualizations. My favorite visualization is me and my family all together.” – 2nd grader
“I breathe in and I breathe out, I love mindful time more than anything. It is good for you.” – 2nd grader
“I love mindfulness, I think I’m addicted to it, so relaxing!” – 12th grader
“I will tell you some of my affirmations, I love my life…I will be happy for what I have.” – 2nd grader
“When we do mindful breaths together during mindful time, it helps me feel very focused.” – 2nd grader
“I love when you come teach us the breaths. We learned so much from you. I learned breaths…the heart, tree, ocean, mountain and rain breaths. I like the heart breath because it is very calm.” – 2nd grader.
“Mindful time helps me because before I start, sometimes I am frustrated, but when we start I get calmer. That’s why mindful time helps me.” – 2nd grader
“Mindfulness has changed me by making me feel safe and secure, making me realize there is more to the world than make up.” – 3rd grader
“Mindfulness has changed me by making me feel good, calm and say nice things about other people. It also changed me by standing up to other people and standing up for other people.” – 3rd grader
“Mindfulness changed me by helping me to be calm. Not to stress and to breathe and relax. It helps me so much, like when there is a test.” – 3rd grader
 “Mindfulness has changed me a lot by not fighting with my sister. Sometimes I do mindful time with her, too and my mom. I do mindful time real softly and get the stress out of me. It changed me a lot.” – 3rd grader
“Mindfulness has changed me by making me less stressed. When I am nervous I do mindfulness. Also, when I am in school and someone makes me laugh, I remember to do mindfulness so I don’t get in trouble. Since then, I learned mindfulness has changed me to become less stressed and it gave me a lot of confidence.” – 3rd grader
Mindful Education

…and Teachers and Staff cannot thank us enough! 

“The way the teachers are talking about the program is just a miracle. We have never seen them embrace any social emotional program like this, not in 20 years!”  – School Social Worker
“We have changed the culture of our school!” – High School Assistant Principal
“Every week our students look so forward to their mindfulness practices. They even get excited about their assignments!” – Elementary School teacher
“The Mission Be Mindful Educator Training is not only a gift to my students but a gift to myself. Alternating between curriculum instruction and mindful practice left me feeling refreshed, renewed and optimistic about better meeting the needs of my special education students. Thank you deeply!” – Mindful Educator Training Participant
“I found the passion, enthusiasm, and experience of the Mission Be team to be inspiring, eye opening and refreshing. I have been a teacher for nine years but have learned much this weekend as a student with Mission Be. I feel ready to go back into the classroom excited again for another nine years helping students learn to be.” – Mindful Educator Training Participant
“The training integrated heart and mind seamlessly. I’m walking away not just lighter, inspired, and grounded but also feeling more confident and equipped with immediately applicable tools, language, and content to deepen existing mindfulness practices in the classroom.” – Mindful Educator Training Participant

Mission Be