Helping children thrive through mindfulness

Mission Be provides mindfulness-based social emotional learning to help children thrive academically and beyond. We offer our programs directly in schools and we train educators to bring mindfulness practices into their classrooms.

Mission Be, Mindful Educator Trainings

  • Learn Mindfulness Practices for Self-care
  • Learn Mission Be’s 8 Week Mindfulness Curriculum for Youth
  • Build A Peer Network

Mission Be 8 Week Mindfulness Program

Mission Be’s 8 Week Mindfulness Program brings eight weekly lessons taught by Mission Be’s trained mindful educators, into the classroom. Children learn essential mindfulness skills to reduce stress, improve attention and improve emotional intelligence.

Mission Be In Action

“When you come to my class, I get so exited. I love mindfulness because I am always stressed and I am always in a rush. I like the mountain breath because it calms me down the most. I like doing mindfulness everyday because every day I’m stressed. Every time I do mindfulness, I feel calm.” – 2nd grader

Mission Be Mindful Day

Bring members of your community together for an interactive, hour long mindfulness workshop. Learn the practices of mindful education, develop your own mindfulness practice and share them with your loved ones and with your community.

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