Mission Be School Professional Development Trainings

 Professional Development for Classroom Teachers Pre-K to 12th grade: One Hour to Five Day Trainings.

These workshop are offered for classroom teachers and other support staff. The course provides an overview of the value of mindfulness and ways to gain a greater understanding of how it can be used in an educational system. Tools and practices are provided for teachers, which can be applied and implemented within the classroom. Topics covered include neuroscience behind mindfulness, knowledge of the brain and body in relation to stress, emotions and relaxation, the power of choice and decision making in actions, words and thoughts. We will discuss customizing classroom application based on individual student population. Information will be provided on developmental stages of the brain & readiness levels in relation to mindful education practices. We additionally cover program layout and how Mission Be’s curriculum is aligned with SEL, DASA and CCLS.


  • Highlights of Mission Be Curriculum, lecture-based and interactive
  • Handouts of activities, background knowledge and daily practices provided
  • Research and purpose, modeling of each lesson, independent practice time, Q&A
  • Unit 1 curriculum provided which includes 12+ weeks of lessons and activities
  • Teaching & resource list.


Customized trainings for teachers and school administrators and staff to:

Learn Mindfulness Practices for Self-care

Enhance your personal self-care and relaxation practice: Each training includes dedicated time for mindfulness practices that can reduce stress and improve your physical and emotional well-being. This includes mindfulness meditation sessions, mindful eating, mindful walking, and informal mindfulness practices.

Learn How to Bring Mindfulness Practices to Your Classroom and School

Learn Mission Be’s 8-Week Mindfulness Program for children. Trainings includes Mission Be’s curriculum modules on mindfulness and the brain, mindful communication, reacting vs. responding, empathy, gratitude, and facilitation and class management skills. Expected immediate outcomes for students experiencing our curriculum include: Reduced stress, increased focus, improved emotion regulation, increased emotional intelligence, increased empathy and respect and increased resilience.

Build Peer Network

Our professional development trainings offers opportunities for teachers, school administrators and staff to authentically connect and learn from peers to integrate mindfulness in personal lives and in classrooms.

Contact Us

For more information contact Carin Winter at carin@missionbe.org or call us at 631 513 6151.

“What a beautiful week! Thank you! I obtained so much wisdom, perspective and love. I’m full to the brim!” 

“Thank you so much for the invaluable teaching you shared. This workshop has been transformational on both the personal and professional level.” 

“The training integrated heart and mind seamlessly. I’m walking away not just lighter, inspired, and grounded but also feeling more confident and equipped with immediately applicable tools, language, and content to deepen existing mindfulness practices in the classroom.”