Mission Be: Mindfulness Education Training

Join the movement for healthier and happier teachers and students!

Learn Mindfulness Practices for Self-care


Enhance your personal self-care and relaxation practice: Each day of mindfulness-based teacher training includes dedicated time for practices that can reduce stress and improve your physical and emotional well-being. This includes daily morning and evening mindfulness meditation sessions, mindful eating, mindful walking, and informal mindfulness practices.

Learn How to Bring Mindfulness Practices to Youth


Learn Mission Be’s 8-Week Mindfulness Program for children in K-5. The training includes Mission Be’s curriculum modules on mindfulness and the brain, mindful communication, reacting vs. responding, empathy, gratitude, and facilitation and class management skills. Expected immediate outcomes for students experiencing our curriculum include: Reduced stress, increased focus, improved emotion regulation, increased emotional intelligence, increased empathy and respect and increased resilience.

Build Peer Network


Integrating a new program such as mindfulness in one’s own life or in a classroom provides many challenges. The weekend training offers opportunities for teachers to authentically connect and learn from peer Bay Area educators integrating mindfulness in their lives and in their classrooms.

Who Should Attend

Our mindfulness education training weekend is open for all K-5 administrators, teachers, school counselors, social workers, psychologists, meditation and yoga instructors,  and others working with youth.



Mission Be Mindful Educator Training Participants

“Wonderful training to create a generation of educators who will go to their schools and communities to spread peace and the value of awareness of our actions and thoughts as individuals and humanity as a whole. I really enjoyed the training weekend: we learned to meditate, to listen mindfully, to walk and to even eat fully present. It was fulfilling and rejuvenating – we have to practice what we teach.”

“The Mission Be Mindful Educator Training is not only a gift to my students but a gift to myself. Alternating between curriculum instruction and mindful practice left me feeling refreshed, renewed and optimistic about better meeting the needs of my special education students. Thank you deeply!”

“One of the best seminars I have attended as a teacher for professional development.”

“I have high blood pressure and take medication. After the Saturday sessions, I measured my blood pressure and it was the lowest its been in months!”

“The training integrated heart and mind seamlessly. I’m walking away not just lighter, inspired, and grounded but also feeling more confident and equipped with immediately applicable tools, language, and content to deepen existing mindfulness practices in the classroom.”

“I feel transformed – I feel empowered and invigorated by undergoing the mindfulness practices. I feel a new sense of optimism and a refocusing of thinking on working with children.”

“There are so many aspects that were beneficial, but to summarize… watching the lessons, learning about mindfulness and the way the brain works, listening to the beautiful peaceful voices of all three of the presenters and practicing mindfulness.”

“Thank you for creating this beautiful curriculum. Its authentic, heartfelt and needed. (You have done an amazing job of taking social emotional skills that are Common Core aligned.) These skills can be challenging to teach and your curriculum teaches it in a very succinct, accessible way that is useful to me as a teacher and my students. I am excited to see what will happen in my class as I teach each lesson.”

“Setting was PERFECT!!! The areas to walk and be outside – tremendous. The depth of knowledge and ease with materials really was effective. Feeling very uplifted and looking forward to bringing this to the classroom.”

“I found the passion, enthusiasm, and experience of the Mission Be team to be inspiring, eye opening and refreshing. I have been a teacher for nine years but have learned much this weekend as a student with Mission Be. I feel ready to go back into the classroom excited again for another nine years helping students learn to be.”

“Excellent training to provide tools for kids to help them grow to be caring, thoughtful humans.”

“The Mission Be Mindful Educator Training fostered more awareness within myself to ways in which I can be a more mindful person and presented a curriculum which I now feel confident presenting to public schools.”



“Mission Be is empowering students with self-awareness, understanding and community awareness. This allows children and students to better understand their instincts and empowers them to respond with the tools of mindfulness; breathe, make a choice and respond.”

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