My name is Sijing (Lucy) Zhao, and I am a student in the class of 2018 in Pinewood School. I participate in various activities like the robotic club and interact club, and I participated in CORO’s Exploring Leadership 2016 program, which helps to develop an individual’s civic leadership style. I am also a student volunteer in Mission Be. I am a huge advocate and believer in a complete recovery from mental illness, and I believe that everyone can be free from their own negative mental restraint and all people deserve to be happy. Through volunteering in Mission Be, I hope that more children and teens will be able to receive the relaxation tools from Mission Be and learn how to be happier and more confident.

Om Manghani is a high school freshman in the San Francisco Bay Area. Throughout the past three years, Om has been involved in communities in the US, as well as throughout Asia, working with schools for students of all ages. In Cambodia, he has been involved with the Krousar Thmey school for the blind and deaf, raising funds and awareness for the cause in both Singapore and the United States. Currently, in the Bay Area, Om is also an assistant teacher at Chabot Elementary School. He is a firm believer in the power of education, and how, with a solid education, the individuals of today can grow up to change the world. In January of 2017, Om joined Mission Be to continue to make a difference in his home community, to add another dimension to the schooling lives of kids in the Bay Area. Outside of his service work, Om plays tennis, and is a member of student council at school.

Roopal  is a native Indian and has worked with Ericsson as SRF Engineer and Server Admistrator in TCS for last  three years. She received an M.Tech in Information Technology from Banasthali Vidhyapeth, India. With encouragement from friends, Roopal developed a strong sense of devotion for non profit organization.

 is a Software Research enthusiastic. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. She also has a master’s degree in Software Engineering. She strongly believes in stress free and peaceful society and thus motivated to work for non-profitable organisation.

Miranda Fajardo
is a senior at  Menlo College, graduating Spring 2018.  She will be receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. At Menlo College Miranda is President of the Ethics in Action Club and in the last year she has developed an interest and passion for social entrepreneurship, where innovative and creative ideas can be solutions to social problems.

Donna Dale
is a visionary, partner to social entrepreneurs whose toolbox includes mindfulness, yoga practices and the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Donna is passionate about bringing mindfulness to schools. In this era, she sees kids growing up with tech devices at the ready 24/7, pulling them away from opportunities to tune into their own being and physicality.
She has been working on behalf of teens and their families since 2015. Donna now partners with Carin to bring mindfulness programs to as many teens and young people as possible in the Bay Area: it is her vision that this missing “training” of being present in one’s body is provided for all students, in all schools. She sees that programs – structured such as Mission Be  -are poised to make this difference for the kids who are growing up in this age of mindless distractions and virtual connection.