Pro Bono Partnership has been providing Mission Be with pro bono legal services with a multitude of professional attorneys who specialize in the development of not for profit organizations to guide all of out legal needs and decisions since we created our bylaws and formed our board in 2012.

Project9Line’s Mission is to support Veterans by providing them with a healthy transition back to civilian life. We are forwarding them the Mission Be from our Mindful Heroes Project.

The Siddhartha School in Kathmandu, Nepal was founded in 1995 in the remote home village of Stok, Ladakh by Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan and enhanced by Harvard Graduates. We are currently working with the Siddhartha School to create an International Heroes Project

Green School Bali is the Greenest School in the World. Started by John Hardy, the Green provides an incredible education, enriching children in a holistic and natural environment. Mission Be began training the teachers in the Green School in February 2014.

Ole, the CEO of Cre8 is working with Mission Be on our Mindful Art Workshop.

The Lotus Project Nepal has been trained in the Mission Be Curriculum and we have supported their fundraising efforts for the children of Nepal.

The Highground Hackers is a group of civic minded developers, technology executives, entrepreneurs, and investors working to connect engineering talent with non-technical experts in different fields of public concern.Our mission is to ameliorate specific public issues by developing and deploying technology-based solutions, each built to address different facets of a target problem. The goal is to facilitate and nurture the development of products and to deliver them quickly and efficiently into the hands of those that need them. We do this by organizing uniquely structured Hackathons that bring together the brightest of engineering minds and experts in the target field of public concern. We nurture selected technologies and teams to deliver finished products by connecting engineers, products, investors and users within an incubation ecosystem. Highground Hackers have creates a Proof of Concept with Mission Be and is working with us on creating a MVP for our digital mindful application for the classroom and mobile device.