Mission Be, Mindful Thinkific Classroom

Sponsored by The Long Island Community Foundation

We are very excited to share that Mission Be is able to support Nassau and Suffolk Schools on Long Island with 60 FREE short Mindful and SEL Videos for your classrooms.

If you are located outside of the Long Island Area, you are welcome to join and register as a paid attendee.

All school administrators can view the videos for FREE with the access code “admin” on the paid section of the website. Please view the two minute introductory video for administrators below!

Mission Be: 16 Week Mindful Video Series for Middle and High School

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Join our virtual classrooms for: 

Middle School 

High School 

K-5th grade 

K-5th Grade Videos in Spanish

The Mission Be Online Virtual Classroom Library Includes:

• 16 Mindfulness and SEL Videos for High School, twenty minutes each
• 16 Mindfulness and SEL Videos for Middle School, twenty minutes each
• 16 Short Practices Videos for 6-12th Grade, four to six minutes each
• 12 Short Practice Videos for K-5th Grade, four to six minutes each

Learn More about the videos:

• The video series contains condensed versions of Mission Be’s live 45-minute lessons to make it more time-efficient, accessible and turn-key for your teachers and support staff.
• The videos can be played at the start or end of class, in between lessons, before an exam                                                     to reduce stress and improve focus.
• Each video includes a mindful breath, mindful movement, a short discussion on various mindfulness topics, reflection & journaling prompting, and a closing guided visualization.
• The teacher is welcome to play the entire video at once or play clips of the video throughout the week.
• Schools choose Mission Be because our programs result in reduced stress, increased focus, emotional intelligence, resilience, and improved physical well-being. Our curriculum also meets the DASA and SEL mandates.

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We are elated to share these videos with you for FREE for Nassau and Suffolk County Middle and High Schools in New York thanks to the generosity of The Long Island Community Foundation.

If you are located outside of the Long Island Area, please register as a paid guest or email for a scholarship application.