Mission Be's Mindful Music and Art Program

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When Mission Be started in 2013, we welcomed 500 students to after their eight week mindful program to a Mindful Concert and Sing-a-Along which was participant driven. During the concert Mission Be Educators sang songs, played instruments and invited the students to sing-a-long. Students then presented and shared how mindfulness helped them. Students also created beautiful art rooted in nature such as the ocean, rivers and trees representing the lessons and breaths they learning during the school day.
Our Mindful Music Program was then expanded into the Oakland School District in 2015. We brought Mindful Music and Hip Hop to Montera Middle School in Oakland. We had the students engage in songwriting, sing-a-longs and performed guitar, native drums and singing bowls.

Then in 2019-2021 Mission Be continued the Mindful Music and Conscious Hip Hop in the Edmund Miles Middle School. This was an 8 week course that included Mindful Music and Performances, as well as song writing rooted in social and emotional learning and mindfulness!